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Can I build my own sex doll?

We allow custom options and let us know if you are looking for options that are not available on our website. Select the doll you like and scroll down. In most dolls, you'll see custom options. For some dolls, we list a base price of 140cm and allow customers to upgrade to a larger entity, which is also more expensive, and if you click on a larger entity, the price will go up. If you find it difficult or confused, please let us know and we will help you customize it. We can also build our own dolls. Send us an email with pictures and instructions, and we will evaluate your model and provide suggestions.

Why is your sex doll so cheap? Is that a trick?

Because we are the manufacturer of sex dolls, our price is much cheaper than some online dealers because they need more profit. In fact, 90% of linear doll dealers buy from sex doll manufacturers, and they sell out their customers. The customer orders from the dealer, then the dealer orders from the manufacturer, increases some price, and then the manufacturer delivers the goods. Another way to check if they are cheaters is to ask if they have factory photos of dolls. All our sex dolls have factory photos. You can send us the factory photos you need by email.


How do I pay? payment method

Our price is in US dollars. If you are an international customer, your credit card company will use the exchange rate after payment We use paypal as our payment platform, but you don't need a PayPal account. You can pay with a debit / credit card. During checkout, you will be redirected to paypal for payment, but you do not need to use PayPal account, just click "debit card or credit card" If you want to pay by instalments or monthly payments, click pay with a debit, credit, or PayPal credit card, and then apply for a PayPal credit card. Otherwise, please contact us.



How to have sex with a sex doll? How to use sex dolls? How do sex dolls work?

Choose the perfect lubricant for your sex doll It is strongly recommended that you use water-based lubricants on your true love dolls. As a precaution, please avoid using any oil-based, petroleum based and silicone lubricants, which will only damage your attractive doll. As a suggestion to choose the best water-based lubricant for your doll, please buy a small amount and test it. You can then continue to try various samples until you get the most respected brand.


Touch and kiss your real sex doll

Soft and realistic faces, kissing realistic sex dolls is almost real. Usually, a true love doll has teeth, tongue and deep throat. Therefore, its mouth can be opened so that you can stick your tongue into it and feel its tongue. Modern silicone and TPE sex dolls are designed to give you a surreal experience. They are molded to make the skin soft, round, and easy to squeeze the breasts, nipples tender and beautiful round buttocks.

Make love to your real sex doll

Vaginal penetration is one of the most popular means for people to have sex with their baby. As a result, more attention was paid to the vagina of the real doll. It is made of soft materials, such as the skin of a woman, and is anatomically very similar to the feeling and appearance of the actual vagina. If you're blindfolded, it's almost impossible to tell a real woman's vagina from a living sex doll's vagina. stay We can take a lovely doll on your vagina. From the appearance, both vaginas look the same. However, determining the type of vagina you want to put into a lifelike doll depends entirely on your preference for realistic sex or hygiene. A real-life sex doll with a fixed cat has a barrel made during the manufacturing process. In addition to a more realistic body, it also provides a more realistic sense of penetration. On the other hand, a replaceable vagina is recommended as it is easy to clean. Keep in mind that keeping the genitals clean is essential to avoid any potential risk of sexually transmitted infections in addition to lasting use.


Anal with your sexy doll

Most people crave anal sex. For them, anal puncture is no surprise. It's fun and healthy. Unfortunately, finding a sexual partner who is willing or willing to accept anal sex is a huge challenge. The good news is that if you crave anal sex, you don't have to feel bad about it. Our male and female realistic dolls have anal function. The anus is similar to the vagina and, if anatomically correct, can simulate the actual feeling of anal intercourse with your partner. In fact, the anus is tighter and feels better than the opening of the vagina.

Oral sex with your real doll

No matter what type of doll you love or what you do, oral sex is always a choice you can have fun with. Some sex dolls have the quality of a deep throat, combined with lubricants and heat, to make people feel like a human mouth. The sad truth is that no matter how realistic the doll is, it can't simulate your attraction to real people. In addition, whether her neck is stiff or how it reacts after oral administration, you don't have to worry about your baby's snatch reflex.

Why buy from us?

We offer the best choice of affordable, high quality, realistic sex dolls. Why do we have a favorable price? Our goal is to find the best doll to make your dream come true. To this end, we are the top manufacturer in China, bring you the best model, price and customization options. Whether you are looking for TPE, Mini Doll or realistic sex doll, we are the best choice for you. Our team will ensure the best customer experience and that we provide you with the doll that best suits your needs.

What's the difference between PE and silicone doll?

Both materials are great and feel like real skin. TPE has become popular because it is easier to carve, and sex doll sculptors have created truly sexy and realistic models. Silicone is great, it's a little bit clean and can be heated for a longer time, so we provide a heating system for silicone dolls. All our dolls have flexible and articulated skeletons that allow you to use them anywhere you can't imagine. All of our dolls are sculpted by experienced sculptors to provide realistic sexual pleasure. Both TPE and silicone are waterproof. You can customize the doll, choose different body, head, chest and body parts. Please check the customization options in each product. If you have any questions, please contact our team via email, chat or phone. We will ensure that we help you customize the doll according to your needs.

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