NicesexDolls offers a large selection of authentic sex dolls and high-quality love doll companions for you to choose from, excellent pre-sale and after-sale customer service, refund guarantee for all sex dolls, price matching service, free delivery and tax / customs clearance service on request. We are the official supplier of sex dolls. We have been verified by many third-party five-star reviews on the doll forum, and so far there have been no negative comments. Touch the silicone. We are a small team, so our overhead is very low and we can pass on these savings to you. We listen to our customers' needs and take their feedback. We help our clients with research and regularly update our website with the latest sex dolls released, and keep abreast of the latest news and trends. We work hard, so you can work hard.




Want to buy high quality sex dolls? Customer comments:
Real quotes from our recent validated NicesexDolls review:


My vote for the best supplier is silicone enthusiasts. I can't recommend enough silicone enthusiasts. They are happy to talk to you and can help you complete pre-sale and in-sales. After 16 dolls from 11 vendors and about 40 heads, this should be considered a positive comment. They are experienced and have a good relationship with the factory. "r mission.
------ Dexte


"Silicone lovers is one of the best companies I've bought from it. From ordering to home, I received my items in less than three weeks (which should be longer). When a decision needs to be made, every question is answered in a timely manner and help is obtained. In addition, they followed my order very closely. Friendly, professional and knowledgeable products. The price is also very good. Of course, I will buy from them again and suggest anyone to buy from them... "


"First of all, it's a comfort to find honesty and integrity in this industry. Over the years, I've accepted it as part of the process, and thank God, things are changing! SL answered all my questions and worked with me on all the customization work, and we created amazing artwork. They really know their stuff and I think I'm in good shape. I was surprised that she was so natural. This was the first really lifelike doll I had
------- Jon

Are you authorized and legitimate doll seller?

Yes. We are a certified supplier of sex dolls and are officially authorized sex doll dealers listed on our manufacturer's official website. We are legal sex doll sellers and only sell high quality sex dolls. We are really proud of our customer service, our customer base and the company we built, and we have a reputation to maintain, so if we sell shoddy fakes, we certainly won't go too far. We only sell high quality, authentic TPE and silicone sex dolls, which are 100% legal in official manufacturers, real transactions or your refund. We encourage you to shop around, and we do the same, but we recommend that you do your homework, check with a supplier approved by NicesexDolls, or check on nicexdolls, and then check out with other websites. We are happy to provide you with legitimate dolls at a reasonable price rather than a scam website.

Is your doll 100% authentic sex doll?

Yes, absolutely terrified! We only sell dolls produced by the best and most reputable manufacturers in the world who implement strict quality control procedures and health and safety procedures to ensure that our customers receive only high-quality sex dolls every time.

Our baby money back guarantee:

NicesexDolls offers a full refund guarantee for all dolls. If your doll is damaged, defective or not something you ordered, we will make sure that you get 100% care. Once you check out through nice exdolls, our service will not stop. We are proud of our excellent customer service before and after sales. Why don't you have a quick chat with one of our customer service teams before you buy the product for the first time, I'm sure we'll solve any problems you might be comfortable with.

Our sex toys are subject to strict inspection and quality control, so you know, only you are looking for the best quality sex doll in the world. No matter what you are looking for, it can meet your requirements - Sex Dolls lovers.

How to order realistic sex dolls?

Ordering the first personality doll may seem like a daunting task, but it's not necessary and you should be very excited about it! It's really easy to just choose a doll you really like, and then choose "as photo" for a preconfigured doll, or make a fully custom doll, with all the customizable options, all the naughty things and all the beautiful things. And click the "add to cart" button. For more information about custom options, click here. Check the order on the shopping cart page, where you can make any changes and continue with checkout. well! You just bought a sex doll that's good for you - life will never be the same!


We will check each order manually and check everything with you personally via email, so if we think there is any error, we will check and you will have a second chance to update or change your mind. If you are not sure of anything, please let me know. We are always happy to help you. We can provide skin color help, show you factory photos, or provide concierge guidance to help you choose the right doll for you.


We provide free global delivery for all sex dolls.

Customs + tax:

All taxes and customs fees are included in the price and will be taken care of by us*
For the US, UK and EU, there are no hidden costs and no additional costs. All legal dolls can be delivered free of charge in all legal countries / regions around the world. * *
*Please note: in some countries / regions, such as Ca, no, Au, ch & SA, we will pay all transportation costs and provide complete customs clearance service, but we cannot pay customs clearance fees in advance. We will make all contact with the customs, so you don't have to worry, we will refund 50% of the customs duties and taxes for countries / regions that cannot pay in advance. Ensuring that this process is stress free is an important part of our service and support, so we will always "hand in hand.".
**I'm sorry. We don't ship them to countries with strict laws on sex dolls. If you are not sure, please contact us before placing the order to avoid disappointment.


All our sex dolls are packed in 100% separate packages. Sex dolls come in light brown boxes without labels. The courier or handler did not know what was in the box. Experience of silicone lovers' sex dolls:
Choose your favorite doll from our full range of high-end sex dolls. Customize your doll. See a brief description of all options here - Custom doll options. If you have any questions, please keep in touch.
Checkout proceed with checkout. If you have problems, please visit our checkout troubleshooting page.
Order confirmation. You will receive an order confirmation immediately after purchase and we will contact you within 24 hours to manually confirm that all details are correct and to ensure that other questions are answered.


Bring your sex doll to life. Our studio artists started the process of making dolls by hand.
Workshop photo: after preparing the Playboy, you will receive factory photos so that you can confirm all appearance. Maybe your doll needs some small adjustments, different wigs, different eyes, no problem at all. You will also receive post care guides for help and information about "beginners," such as "how to clean sex dolls" and "best baby love tips and tricks.".

Transportation and delivery.

After receiving and confirming that the factory photos of the dolls are perfect, you can ship the dolls out to your new home - your home! We pay all transportation and customs clearance costs for us, UK and European customers. Please note: for other countries, such as Ca, no, Au, ch & SA, we will pay all transportation costs and provide complete customs clearance services, but we cannot pay customs clearance fees in advance. We will make all contact with customs, so you don't have to worry, we will happily refund 50% of customs fees and taxes for countries / regions that cannot pay in advance. Ensuring that this process is stress free is an important part of our service and support.

Tracking number:

you will receive a tracking number and be able to arrange a specific date for collection / delivery directly with our courier company. FedEx + ups.
Delivery: your doll has arrived. Enjoy, we know that we may not hear from you in a few days, because you will be very busy, but if you need us, please contact us.
(the average time from buying a sex doll to shipping it is less than 3 weeks, depending on your location.)

Turn your sex doll fantasy into a real-life doll partner!

What are you waiting for? We have a large number of sex and love doll companions growing up, if you can't see the doll you're looking for, please ask - because we can buy (if there is) or help you create (if there is) it's not! We have been building new partnerships and updating the catalog. We sell hundreds of sex dolls around the world. We have beautiful big women, muscular girls, plump beauties, elegant ladies, exotic shrews, hot girls, sexy mistresses and lovely princesses - not to mention popular male and cross gender dolls, endless style sex dolls, we can even create a Futanari sex doll for you! You name it - we know! We have established partnerships with some of the most amazing doll manufacturers and have one of the largest sex dolls in the world.
If you have any questions, please leave us a message or contact us in real-time chat, we will help you.

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