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Nice exdolls is one of the best manufacturers and wholesalers of silicone / sex dolls in China and has established an online adult supplies store to meet the demand for real sex dolls. With the development of modern materials, the thoughtful design provides an exciting time for those who need beautiful sex dolls. The modern version of the sex doll is composed of silicone resin or TEP. The skin is smooth, delicate and elastic. It has general softness, elasticity and real human skin and visual feeling. It can be stretched without tearing. It has heat resistance and waterproof type. The skin of sex doll is very easy to maintain. In terms of dissection, the real simulation human body model can carry out real, pressure-free sex.

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All aunicer's sex dolls are CE and RoHS certified. All raw materials purchased by us have SGS certification report, and all materials meet the health and safety standards of harmless to human body and environmental protection. Since 2015, our R & D team has been able to support your own brand, including the name of sex dolls, packaging design, mold manufacturing, injection molding, plastic injection, silica gel casting and sample testing. It has been providing ODM or OEM services for many famous doll online stores, and has established a global sales network in the US, Europe, Japan and Mainland China.

Sex dolls are fun not only for singles. For men who are looking for excitement or need to bridge their girlfriend's absence time, it makes sense to choose a sex doll that feels real. We are basically unlimited in the manufacturing design, you can customize the doll according to your needs, including the shape, hair, skin, or the geographical population. Buy a favorite sex doll, you can not recognize any moral constraints, according to the preferred atmosphere and environment, very simple to enjoy sex at home. Real high-quality sex dolls can be put in any shape, and can provide any way for the host to have sex.


Silicone dolls are not only adult toys, but also works of art. A wide range of products and excellent performance is our core competitiveness. The performance improvement of silicone doll makes us more and more perfect. We believe that there will be an expanding and developing market in the future.

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